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Walukaramaya Temple

In Kottegoda, Sri Lanka

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The History


This Temple was started in 1850 and up to this moment it has been serving for the children and the people of our area.


At the beginning even there were three monks in our temple.



I am serving in this Temple since the year 2003.


The Shanthi Dharma Asylum was started on the 14th of June in 1990 by the previous chief imcumbents of the Temple. As i think our Temple is doing a great service to the people of this area.


Because the villagers of the area are mostly poor people the maintainance of this powerfull place has become a significant issue.


Also the Temple was caught and hit by the tsunami on the 26th of December 2004.


I hope that our Temple can return to a religious center as it was before. This religious center can serve for the villages children and of area and for the monks even.






















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